As there will be broad range of ages in the Club, there will be provision of toys, games and activities accordingly. The Club is hoping to achieve a more casual approach in its attitude, by listening and talking to the children for their ideas and needs.

The Club is always open to suggestion and ideas for activities, and welcome any donation of toys, games, books and paper. Although the club is trying to avoid a rigidly structured system, there are planned daily activities, and the children are always free to choose their own play.  Our staff are trained and qualified in care for this age range of children, and understand that children's play is freely chosen, personally directed behaviour, motivated from within; through play a child explores the world and their relationship with it, elaborating all the while a flexible range of responses to the challenges they encounter; by playing the child learns and develops as an individual.


During holiday periods there will be a weekly theme, i.e . Carnival , around which most of the activities will be based. Each day will have a variety of play opportunities for the children, including physical play and creative play. Kidsland also include trips in any holiday activity planning, some with a small charge of £3.50 whilst most others are free. Any trip cost usually just covers or contributes towards any admittance fee, or will pay for ice cream or similar for the children.   Kidsland take the children to both fun and educational destinations, such as the Museum of Science & Industry, St Annes Beach, the Bowl Plex Bowling Alley or The World Museum in Liverpool.  Kidsland also invite professionals into club during holidays to deliver a variety of sessions including Football Stars, Tennis Stars, Cricket Skills, Mini Olympics, Dance Academy, Art Attack & Mad Science.

Kidsland is keen to introduce the children to the world of competitive sports from an early age.  This will include throwing, catching and running.  This activity is part of our Change 4 Life program, to introduce children to physical activity for enjoyment, and to educate exercise as part of our daily lives.  Where ever possible the children will be encouraged to play outdoors, either in free play, or in organized games and sports.  During inclement weather, the children will play indoors, playing together in circle games and organized games.  The children may also be taken on walks and picnics in the area surrounding the club.  

Kidsland encourages to the children to empathize with others who may have additional needs or physical disabilities.  Staff at the club use games to help the children become aware of obstacles that others may encounter in their lives.

Kidsland uses games and activities to teach the children about Safety.  This may include Fire Safety, Personal Safety, Stranger Danger, Road Safety and First Aid.

Pants - Throughout the Summer Term, and as part of our Safeguarding responsibilities, we will be holding activities and Children’s Meetings with the children about keeping themselves safe. The NSPCC has launched a campaign called PANTS, to raise awareness in children about safe touching, safe secrets, underwear (or underpants) etc.  This will be done sensitively and will be age appropriate, and we will be following the NSPCC’s advice and guidance. 

The new reforms to the the Early Years Foundation Stage, which came into force September 2014, means that Out Of School Clubs do not now have to  meet the learning and development requirements, nor to provide a 1:8 staff:child ratio.  However, it is our wish to continue to provide a quality childcare provision, and we will still have sufficient staff to meet the demands of a vibrant provision, and to continue to have enough staff to ensure the safety and welfare of the children, and to continue to monitor and observe the child at play, and to assess and record the child's development.   Kidsland wishes to continue to encourage each child to fulfill their full potential. 

Kidsland has regular visits from outside agencies, such as Road Safety and the Fire Service, to teach the children about all aspects of life outside of school and club.  

Sticky Hands Road Safety Campaign - Sticky Hands Campaign to 'Hold Hands and Stay Safe Near The Road' organised by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, and including all schools and childcare providers in the borough.  We'll be completing Sticky Hands activities and games ongoing, and we will be following through with additional activities during the rest of the year.  There will be Sticky Hands posters on our notice board and in the club.