Holiday Clubs have Full Day sessions at £30.00, and this includes all meals, Breakfast, Dinner  with Pudding and Tea, plus snacks, fruit and drinks throughout the day. Full Day sessions also  include all workshops and activities. Trips are an additional £3.50, where indicated, and children should bring a packed lunch for that day. All other days out are included in the cost of care.

Half Day sessions run from 7:30 - 12:30 / 1:00 -6:00 OR any 5 hours (excluding trip days)  at  £20.00, stay for dinner or tea. 



 Healthy choice Breakfast, Dinner with Pudding, and Tea, with drinks, are prepared for the children fresh every day. 

Children can bring packed lunch if they prefer, and also on trip days.

Drinks & fruit are available all day.


Kidsland Kidsclub Holiday Club will be open for

Summer Holidays


Monday 24th July 2023 - Friday 1st September 2023

 7:30 am - 6:00 pm daily.


at: St Joseph's Church Hall, Darwen.



Summer  2023






Week One

24th July 2023



Paper Ladybugs

Paper roll Butterflies

Clothes peg Dragonfly’s


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Egg carton Grasshoppers

Paper Snials

Paper plate Beatles


Visit to Moses Gate Park

Full Day Trip Day

Williamson Park & Butterfly House

+£3.50 per child

Paper plate Bees

Pom pom Spiders

Stick Insects


Outdoor Play - Cricket etc…

Butterfly Finger Puppets

Insect Head Band

Walking paper Ants


Visit to Edgerton Park

Week Two

31st July 2023




Lolly stick Train

Button Balloons

Paper roll Planes


Visit to Worden Park

Lolly stick Bicycle

Straw Rockets

Bottle Lid Boats


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Paper Airplane

Paper roll Car

Paper Helicopter


Visit to Astley Park

Trip Day

Heaton Park

+£3.50 per child


Paper Car

Paper plate Hot air Balloon


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Week Three

7th August 2023

The Beach



Egg box Turtle

Star fish

Shark Headbands

Outdoor Play - football etc…

Paper Bowl Ice Cream

Paper Plate Palm Tree


Visit to Frenchwood Knoll

Paper Octopuss

Paper Chain Jellyfish

Paper Plate Fish

Outdoor Play - football etc…

Paper Roll Crtab

Paper Plate Beach

Spoon Mermaids


Visit to Abbey Village Park

Trip Day


ST Annes Beach


+£3.50 per child

Week Four

14th August 2023



Lolly Pop Apples

Paper Plate Lollypops

Paper Plate Spaghetti


Visit to Brinscall Park

Potato Printing

Footprint Carrots

Decorating Biscuits

Outdoor Play - football etc…

Trip Day




+£3.50 per child

Making Popcorn

Make your own Pizza



   Outdoor Play - football etc…

Paper Plate Gril

Paper Ice cream Cones

Paper Pineapples


Visit to Yarrow Valley Park

Week Five

21st August 2023




Coffee Filter Art

Fireworks in a Jar

Bouncy Balls


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Kinetic Sand

Salt Painting

Rain Sticks


Visit to Withy Grove Park

Spinning Toy

Cloud Dough

Seed Bombs


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Trip Day


Museum of Science & Industry


+£3.50 per child

Pin WHeels

Nature Sun catcher

Baking Soda Paint


Visit to Corporation Park

Week Six

28th August 2023

People who help us







Cardboard Box Fire Truck

Paper plate Nurse Hat

Lolly stick Toothbrush


Visit to Whitehall Park

Fire Dog

Paper plate Firemans Hat

Handprint Traffic Lights


Outdoor Play - football etc…

Army Men

Fingerprint Police Person

Police person Hat


Visit to Bold Venture Park

Police Car


Build a Lego City


Outdoor Play - football etc…