A copy of all Kidsland's Policies and Procedures is available at all times at the club.

Parents are requested to adhere to the opening and closing times. Staff cannot accept responsibility for children outside of the stated opening hours.

A register will be kept of every child as they arrive and depart the club. This covers the club for Safety Requirements required by OFSTED, Public Liability Insurance and the Fire Service. Parents are asked to sign and time the children out.

Parents must register the names of persons who will regularly/sometimes /occasionally be collecting their child/children. A specimen signature of all collectors will be required by the Club.

If for some reason the named collecting adult cannot collect, please telephone the Club to inform staff of the name of the collector.

During Holiday Club sessions, breakfast, lunch with pudding/dessert and tea will be provided, and parents are asked to provide a packed lunch on trip days. Drink and fruit will be available to the children throughout the day.

Although the club will be fairly casual, children will be expected to behave reasonably. Any behaviour that threatens the overall safety and well-being of the other children will be disciplined. If behaviour becomes unacceptable the staff reserve the right to remove that child.

A copy of the club's Behaviour Policy is displayed at the club.

Should a child become sick, all efforts will be made to contact the parents. Children should not attend KidsClub if they are ill or have an infection or infectious disease.

The staff reserve the right to remove a child to hospital in all emergencies.

In the event of a child having to be taken to hospital due to a medical emergency, parents will be contacted immediately and expected to meet Club staff at the hospital. This is very important as hospital staff are reluctant to carry out any medical attention without the consent of a parent or guardian.

The club staff are qualified in Paediatric First Aid for children & minor accidents, and a First Aid Box complying with current legislation will be kept on the premises.

There will be an Accident Book to register all accidents occurring on the premises. Parents of the child involved will be requested to sign this.

No medicine will be administered to any child unless a medical form is completed.

Sickness Policy: The club is required by law to record visible injuries, and to liase with The Local Safeguarding Board when safeguarding (child protection) issues arise.

In fine weather the club encourages children to play outside. A change of clothes may be appropriate. They are welcome to leave their clothes at the club all week.

During hot or warm weather, Kidsland will provide all activities outside in the open air, including snacks and drinks.  We use the outdoors as much as possible, and regularly take nature walks, go to the park to play, and use all outdoor play areas to their full advantage.  Kidsland will provide sunscreen for the children, but parents are asked to provide own sunscreen if preferred or if the child has allergies (clearly marked with child's name) and a hat. KidsClub staff will make every effort to shield the children from strong sunlight, but cannot be held responsible for slight sunburn if no protection is provided.

We operate a 'No Smacking' policy. Violence, or the threat of it, will not be used or tolerated.

Kidsland Limited will comply with the 'Health & Safety Act' 1984, 'Fire Regulations' including regular fire drills.  A copy of the Safety Policy and Fire Drill procedure will be displayed at the club.

We are committed to Equal Opportunities in the employment of staff, admission of children and the care of those children. No child will be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, disability or religion.

Kidsland Limited has a robust Safeguarding policy, which includes Social Networking, Mobile Phones and Camera use.  Kidsland now has legal responsibilities to safeguard children from Radicalisation, and has a duty to have 'due regard to the need to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism'. Kidsland will always work with parents should any aspect of safeguarding become known to us.

Kidsland has a thorough Risk Assessment in place to protect the children, staff and collecting parents, whilst we are under the threat of Coronavirus, and Kidsland will take all steps necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible whilst in our premises, and using our facilities.